Yuminashi camshafts are designed in conjunction with our racing efforts, and in turn the design gets passed down to our customers for the best power gains.

The YUMINASHI Camshaft is the hot ticket for getting the most out of your HONDA CLICK 125i eSP and HONDA VARIO TECHNO 125 PGM-FI.

YUMINASHI camshafts are CNC machine ground from the absolute finest quality Billet Bar Stock, imported from Germany for the highest degree of strength and precision. After the blanks are CNC machined to size, they receive special metallurgical treatments..
The next steps are grinding to absolute specifications, checking meticulously for accuracy, and finally heat-treating the finished camshafts for lasting performance..
Not only are all YUMINASHI CNC Camshafts machined from the finest quality Billet Bar Stock, they come also standard with high-speed NACHI JAPAN C3 bearings to meet the YUMINASHI standards concerning durability and reliability..
The X250ESP 8.6 Camshaft is developed for the new CLICK 125i eSP and VARIO TECHNO PGM-FI engine to use in combination with the original head and valves (27/22mm)..


If you have the YUMINASHI 164cc Light Bore Kit, or still the genuine HONDA 125cc cylinder on your new 2013 SH125i ABS (eSP), with in both cases the original 125cc head, then this is the perfect camshaft for you with an optimal balance between torque and RPM....
This X250ESP 8.6 Camshaft can also be used in combination with the YUMINASHI STD150 HEAD (29mm/23mm) and YUMINASHI X31 LS1 HEAD (31mm/24.8mm valves)...


*The X250 ESP 8.6 camshaft has the highest lift possible in a CLICK125i eSP head, and this camshaft can not  be installed without the Yuminashi High-Lift eSP intake rocker 14430-KZR-000 & High-Lift eSP exhaust rocker 14440-KZR-000.

**The Yuminashi Progressive 2-Valve Spring Racing Conversion set 14752-KWN-000 is required to avoid floating valves. Even with the genuine 125cc camshaft the valves start to float even before the electronic limiter kicks in.


PRODUCT CODE: 14100-KZY-25086

PRICE: 85.45€ Exclusive V.A.T.